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Foreplay Ice Chill - Pink SE2076303

Foreplay Ice Chill - Pink

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Experience the seductive pleasure of cooling ice stimulation with the Foreplay Ice Chill. The self-contained, hand-held vibrating ice massager is designed to arouse, tantalize and excite your lover to ecstasy. The erotic accessory makes an ideal addition to an intimate toy collection, and can be refilled and reused multiple times.

The hot pink chiller is made from durable silicone and has an ABS metallic plating removable battery powered 3-speed stimulator. The curvaceous massager has a rounded tip with pleasure nubs that is perfect for arousing and stimulating the senses, without direct ice contact. It also has a frosty base. To use, remove the vibrating stimulator and fill the mold up to the level with water, before placing in the base. Once frozen, insert the stimulator and tap the activation button to begin your teasing foreplay. Slide the cooling chill massager all over the body. Caress the skin with intense stimulating vibrations and elevate your foreplay.

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