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The Lube Shooter

The Lube Shooter

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The Lube Shooter allows you to get it between the cheeks not on the sheets. Simply load it up and shoot it out. The lube shooter's narrowed injector makes it easy to ease into anal or vaginal play by lubricating those hard to reach areas. The convenient finger grips allow for precise insertion while the attractive casing is easy to clean.
Product Details:
  • Realistic: No
  • Size/Circumference: 0.000
  • Water-proof: Yes
  • Lubricant Type: Water Based Lubrican
  • Purpose Of Item: Lubricant delivery device.
  • How To Use Item: Pull out the plunger completely and pour lubricant into the barrel straight from the bottle. Or if your lube comes in a tub, dunk the entire assembly in the container and pull up the plunger to fill. When ready to use, just press down the plunger.
  • Special Features: Three disposable plastic applicator tips and one plunger.

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